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Chelsea vs Everton Live Stream

Chelsea vs Everton live stream is one of the most popular fixtures in England’s top flight, Premier League. Whenever these two sides take on each other, we are bound to witness some iconic and magical football moments. Both sides play football as if the love for the sport is above everything else. Over the years, Chelsea vs Everton has served the football fans with numerous memorable moments.

Chelsea vs Everton live stream

With 15 league titles among those two EPL sides, this tier makes one of the interesting and fascinating EPL fixtures. Every season millions of Chelsea and Everton fans jointly look forward to this fixture. Of their previous meetings, Chelsea has won 19 fixtures, while ‘The Blues’ have won 11 times. These two sides have played 11 draws this far.

The league fixture between these two has already ended with a win for each side. With eight games in hand, Chelsea is placed 4th in the league table this 2019-20 Premier League season. On the other hand, Everton is floating in 12th place. Here are some tips on Chelsea vs Everton live streaming for you.

How to watch Chelsea vs Everton live from home?

As discussed earlier, these two sides are among the most successful EPL sides. Both clubs have a huge fan following in England as well as outside of England. Inmate fans will show up in the stadium to enjoy the match live, but others will be watching this fixture either on TV or on mobile phones from their homes.

Be it TV or small screens, any EPL fan would want to stream Everton vs Chelsea live from their homes. For this, they need a paid TV network or paid streaming service. Well, there are several TV networks and streaming platforms that you can rely on to watch this fixture live.

Chelsea vs Everton live stream
Chelsea vs Everton live stream

Speaking of TV networks, there are national and regional TV networks that have rights to the Premier League. Premier League is the most followed football league in the world and several TV networks will be up for the TV rights of the league.

Stream EPL Games live on TV

In 2013, BT Sprot secured the TV rights of the Premier League in England. Until 2022, British fans can enjoy the live streaming of any Chelsea game including Chelsea vs Everton on BT Sport. So, BT Sport is the national broadcaster of EPL in England.

Here is the list of some other national broadcasters of the Premier League.

 Country  National Broadcaster
 United States   NBC Sports
 Canada  DAZN
 Australia  Optus Sports
 New Zealand  Spark
 Brazil  ESPN/ Fox Sports/ DAZN
 Spain  DAZN
 Russia  Okko Sports
 Portugal  Sport TV
 Netherlands  Ziggo Sport


As you can see, some countries have a single national broadcaster while some have two or three. Also, some broadcasters operate as joint national broadcasters. For instance, DAZN covers the TV streaming of EPL in Spain, Brazil, and Canada.

The above-mentioned TV networks are all paid cable channels. So, you have to spend some money to become a user of such a network. If you are already a user of any such network, you are at a plus point. If not, you can contact your cable TV provider to add the subscription.

Watch Everton vs Chelsea on Mobile Phone/ PC

You can watch Everton vs Chelsea on a mobile phone or PC from anywhere you want. Access to a number of streaming platforms has made it easier to stream any EPL game on mobile, these days.

Speaking of streaming platforms, there are several. So, you might have a hard time making the best suitable pick for you. Here’s our list of some of the most suitable streaming sites you can use to watch ‘The Blues’ match online; Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, Sling TV, fuboTV, and AT&T TV Now. These are the frequently used streaming sites and also the top-rated.

EPL live free streaming

Based on your pick, your expense on those streaming sites will be different. For fuboTV, you will be spending $55 per month. And you can have Sling TV for $30 per month. The above-mentioned streaming sites also offer a free trial. For instance, if you use Sling TV, you can watch EPL games free of cost for a week’s time. Once you are beyond your trial period, you have to pay for the package.

Chelsea vs Everton Reddit streams

You can access Chelsea vs Everton Reddit streams and Chelsea Reddit streams here. Reddit streams are very popular among any sports fan. Wirth Reddit streams, you can find links to every Chelsea game. Moreover, the Reddit streams here are absolutely free. You will not be spending a single penny for Chelsea links here.